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Newly wedded Marvin records lady, Tiwatope Savage-Balogun aka Tiwa Savage was involved in a show of shame recently at Akwulubia Anambra state during Star trek, a show on the bill of Nigerian Brewery Plc. Her video performance of 'Oyi' (one of her hit tracks featuring Flavour) with an handsome male fan went viral on various social media networks. The video which showed Tiwa rocking the guy thereby showing a large part of her over-exposed buttocks was highly condemned by her teeming fans. Here are some of their comments on various social media platforms...

Guy that is Tiwa. I was there live in Akwulubia Anambra state on Saturday star trek.

See how her black ugly buttock showed! I said it, no man ever asked her for marriage. This wedding she did in Dubai is making her go gaga! She didn't do rubbish when she was single and has turned to it now that she's married?

I don't think this is the person that married for real!. Naija stars! Anyway, it is her life.

The guy is lucky Tiwa, I can't believe this!

I can't believe this! And she called herself a married woman? But this guy really enjoyed her. This is crazy.

I won't say it’s bad but still it’s bad because, she a woman now. Not minding her career! Awaiting mother please let her take things easy.

What she does and what she wear is rubbish and barbaric.

idiot lady called herself a house wife. I can't believe this! Is she not ashamed of herself, she just got married and started this kind of barbaric s****d act. That guy is truly a lucky guy!

Is a disgrace to womanhood.

Mehn! That guy is lucky I wish that guy was to be me.

Mankind can you please leave Tiwa alone! Focus on more reasonable things I beg of you!

This is rubbish! How can a woman, in fact, a star be doing this on stage.

Dolapo olayiwola
That's how hard and uncertain it may seem to you but that's her duty. These are the acts that made you know her. It is her duty to be nude and rude for money making.

Akegh Jacob
She’s a monkey! Teebillz I’m sorry you married a b***h!! And what's the f**king difference between you, Maheeda and Afrocandy!! Teebillz made a great mistake!! I hate Tiwa with passion.

It was true in Anaocha Ekulobia in Anambra State. She's not even sexy the way I taught.

It’s really bad of her! Verybad. What will the husband do or what would be his reaction about this sinful act.

I foresee doom.

Tiwa I can’t blame her because it is her life.

That's the nature of her source of income and there’s nothing bad about this. She’s an entertainer.

Tiwa Tope this rubbish.

This is not Tiwa! I can't believe it.

You need to download and watch the stage performance. Those who said its good are not good role models.

Her lifestyle is her job and that is what made you recognize her as a star. The guy in question was even harassed to leave the stage at the end of the dance. To me it was nothing but fun so, keep mute who ever uploaded this.

It’s simply her life please.

This is complete rubbish! What example was she showing others?

This is serious! Tiwa has gone gaga o! Look at what she did in Dubai. She has change from Tiwa to sexy Tiwa!

See her black a*s! What a pity. Tiwa I can’t believe you are doing this, are you possessed? I just hated her when I heard she went n**e for her new video, I can’t believe her hubby allowed this gosh.

How can this be? I don't think she's married because she is displaying her private part {b***h} this is Naija not overseas! I hate Tiwa as in like mad!

She's busy making her money while haters are there posting rubbish!

Tiwa what's all this trash? And you call yourself a married woman? You are a disgrace to the music industry what example are you laying down for your children and your role models.

This can't be Tiwa at all.

Oh my God! I can't believe this! Is this not the same Tiwa that just got wedded last week? Before I swear I think Tiwa is the most beautiful singer but, now I can see her as an animal.

I don't care anyway.

This is serious o! Tiwa Savage has changed to Tiwa sexy now o!

Leave Tiwa savage alone that is her talent let her continue with it.

Mehn! She’s really a disgrace. This is rubbish indeed! I hate what I'm seeing!

You said this woman have gotten married with all this rubbish? No no! She's a disgrace to her family and to her husband.

I wish am that guy, Tiwa got a fresh a**h.

It happened live at Ekwulobia. I am a witness but so bad for her as a married woman.

She wasn’t nude now. At least she wore something skinny and people were there live.

I heard the show was for the abducted Chibok girls. What a show! I don’t really know who God should punish; Boko Haram or artistes like Tiwa.

She's didn’t  know it would be like this. She was only trying to entertain her fans. This camera men are wicked because I knew they zoomed it.

Are you sure this is Tiwa? Too bad or is it a photo shop.

They are both idiots! She wants to prove that she's hot like the Americans! Why can't she pull that her dirty rag she wore so that she can have sex on stage? Rubbish.

See how dark her buttocks are! This guy is very lucky. If I'm the one, I won't dull myself at all. I will grab that her black a*s!

This is a lie! This isn't Tiwa Savage. (Ndi mmadu na ife mmadu)

You guys are f**ls. How can someone who just married and is away on honey moon leave her honey moon to go to Anambra. Nigerians should stop doing things that will ruin the joy of others this must have happen years or months ago why publish such after she just married? God is watching us…

Gosh! So lovely. Tiwa don't mind bad minded people because I'm one of your diehard fans!

You are out of your senses Osas! This is so shameful. You better go and jump into the river.

This is beyond comparing herself with foreign musicians like Nicki Minaj, the guy in the picture and video is very lucky! If I'm the one, I will go with her! But it is unfortunate that she had married! If I'm her husband I will chase her away from my home! Rubbish.

I said it this lady belongs to the animal kingdom! Look at her chimpanzee skin and dark rum buttocks she is not even ashamed to show that nonsense off.

I guess she’s looking for brand new husband now. She wants to use scope to divorce her second hand husband.

She is not serious, this days she is only wearing black pants! Let her try white now. I can’t allow my wife dress like that just because she is a star.

I feel the video. That guy has luck indeed.

How I wish I was the one. The guy really enjoyed.

Why did she married when she knew she wasn't ready. This is too bad for a woman of her caliber. She messed up seriously.

Ha! Is this a wife material? (Ndi ara). All I know is that there is God.

This means nothing to me, I’m just concerned about her dressing that way.

Good girl gone bad? Madam Tiwa, you are such a big fool. A great loser and don’t just worry or get mad that you are married, because with this show of shame you have started, you will end up regretting it.

See hypocrites!!! All of you attacking her are hypocrites! How many of you will sincerely say you didn't wish to be in guy’s shoes? How many of you don't watch and enjoy P****y? How many of don't rock girls in club? If you know you are guilty of any of these things then you are as s****d as Tiwa.

Tiwa, I only want to say this, may the Lord have mercy on you! Teeblliz, I don't think you did the right thing!

Hmm! I guess her husband would be laughing and sipping brandy in a moody way now. What a lovely husband he is for not being too selfish to share his wife with cheap handsome fans of Tiwa. What a selfish cheap bi*ch! She didn't even consider the heart of the poor man.

Why are you guys condemning her because of her dancing with a fan? You guys have girlfriends and boyfriends now. Do you want to tell me that none of you have never danced with lady or guy outside your relationship or marriage before? Stop calling her names she is a celebrity for Christ sake! Dancing with fan is not a crime, she is making her money and you guys are here talking rubbish. Is her husband complaining? After all everything ends there.

She is the wife. She should know what it takes to respect her husband rather than showcasing the whole thing in public. She may think it doesn’t matter but it does a lot. Her husband must be a strong man for marrying your kind of person because I hate what I saw.

The guy that danced with her is my friend. Haters should get their a*s shut! Nigerians like to impose their over-religious views on others, while they themselves are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

Stupid married woman, I hate you for this.

Tiwa always put your family first and forget about over entertaining your fans, and always remember there are cameras.

Gosh! Africans with their black thinking mentality. Nothing bad happened here now, she’s a star and she can do whatever she wanted to do to gain more attention from fans. Okay, tell me you guys that witnessed the show! Didn’t you enjoy her performances? Was it bored unlike others that wore up and down gown like a deeper life member? That’s what makes her different from us brothers! She’s a star and she needs it. Or did the guy touch her b***s or inserted his d**k in her wet p***y right there? Nope. Lets go foreign Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley, Nicki Minaj, Pink etc has done more than this. So, Its normal for her so far that’s her way of living. Even if she’s a p**n star. That’s what she do for a living, get a work for yourself and let’s people know you for what you’re doing. They opined.

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